Built off the back of 30,000 businesses

The Value Builder System™ is a step-by-step process designed to remove you personally from your business, driving up its value and giving you back control over your time. After analysing some 30,000 businesses against this model it has been found that those with a high Value Builder Score™ attract offers of 71% more than average businesses.

What’s driving your company’s value?

The Value Builder System™ identifies eight drivers of company value. These include tangible things like financial performance and recurring revenue, as well as less tangible things like growth potential and customer satisfaction. We will help identify your strengths in each of these areas and identify opportunities for improvement.

More than nuts, bolts, facts and figures

Business is more than just money, which is why the the Value Builder System™ takes a wider view of how you interact with your business and how your business interacts with your life. It’s a unique, human approach that will change the way you think about your business.

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Take the Value Builder Score questionnaire and get an instant result in just 13 minutes. The score is based on quantitative analysis of more than 30,000 businesses. Companies that achieve a score of 80+ are predicted to get offers that are 71% higher than the average business.

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